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Day 24: Work Work Work

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Jobs, we all gotta have one, right?

When Peter was first presented with the option to move to CR for work, I was in the middle of applying and interviewing for a job on the strip. I’ll admit, it was not a job in my career choice, but it paid good and Peter and I would be working the same night hours! Now, before you get too ahead of yourselves, it was just a hostessing position at a restaurant/nightclub in Mandalay Bay. What kind of girl do you think I am? 😉

We talked about me staying in Vegas and working and him coming to CR and working and just making it a long distance relationship for a year. We knew it would be tough, but we’ve done the long distance thing before in 2007 when he was graduated from college and I was still in my Senior year. He was in Vegas and I was in Arkansas. The difference is that we were lucky enough to have family who worked for Southwest and were extremely helpful with our flights back and forth. We don’t have that luxury for international flights… :-/

I decided to turn down the job (rather last minute, I felt sort of bad about it) and head to CR with Peter! I had always wanted to live in another country and learn a new language! Plus, we would be together.

I spent about three weeks in the States getting some things in order before following him down here, and it was about two weeks after my arrival that I found a job teaching on Craigslist! So random, right? Who knew Craigslist could be so helpful over international lines..?

I got a job teaching (mainly) 4th grade math, science, English, and social studies (U.S., and probably the most pointless class EVER for the kids). I also taught some other grades like 3rd math, 5th English, 6th English and even a few Kinder classes. They were all good grade levels to have. I really loved my 5th and 6th graders my last semester. They were a good group of kiddos!




Aren’t they adorable?!?

I learned a lot about myself from teaching these kids. I always considered myself a patient person….until now. It may sound bad, but there were so many times I thought I would loose my mind, or wanted to yell at them and unfortunately, there was a time or two I gave in and did. I felt so bad. I went home and just felt like the worst person on the planet. I would dwell on it for days and try and make it up to the kids. It was just such a terrible feeling. However, it was those days that raised my respect for teachers to such a high level there is no way to measure it. I am so impressed by a good teacher. They are able to have control of their classroom in a positive manor, and keep the kids’ attention and interest in learning.

I also learned that I love talking to children about what they are learning or have learned in the past, and I love the challenge of trying to think up fun ways to teach them something new! I think what would cause such frustration for me would be lack of materials to carry out most of the great ideas I would come up with (or see on Pinterest…lol)

There are no computers in our classroom and there is no printer available to teachers at the school. There was a copier, though. So, I would hand make my tests at home (thank goodness for white out!) and make copies in the morning before school or during the kids’ recess break. All our grades were kept on a hand written sheet as well and I would have to calculate them all at the end of every semester. I’m not sure how it’s done now, but there is no program to do the calculating for the teachers here, just the good ‘ole calculator between your ears!

I have already been taking continuing education credits for my Social Work license, so I can get a job as quickly as possible when we return home. My dilemma is that I don’t know what area of Social Work I want to apply for. There are older adults, mental health, troubled teens, young children (Actually, I don’t think I like working with young children. Normally the problem is their parents, not them), medical/hospital social work. There are so many, I’m not sure. I quess I just eed to start with one and see how I like it!

Just thinking about all of the little things we are going to need to pay for when we get back is daunting! Updating our cars and licenses to NV, finishing my Social Work CEUs( I need 30 and I have 6…yikes!), getting health insurance, looking for a job, and travelling to see our families for the holidays! Whew, I’m tired just from typing it!

I am so glad that for $750-$850/month I had a chance to come here and teach these little rug rats…


It goes further here anyway. And I got paid in USD!!

Oh, and this is what happens to the kids who don’t listen:



Juuuuuuuuuuuuusssst kidding. This was just an accident. What? You believe me, don’t you? He tripped. Kids are clumsy like that…..


~Thanks for reading~

Pura vida!

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