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Day 25: Some Expensive Food

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I’ve noticed a lot of my posts are about food. Have I told you how much Peter and love food?? lol.

There are really cheap foods here in Costa Rica, like fruits, vegetables, and local name-brand items. The things that get expensive are pretty much anything American name branded….and cheese.

They put these tags on their shredded cheese to prevent theft!!!

They put these tags on their shredded cheese to prevent theft!!! It ranges between $5-$8 per bag.

Other costly items include:

grapes (can’t remember how much they are, but we saw the price on week one here and haven’t bought them

Velveeta Mac n Cheese (It’s my favorite food!! and about $5/box)

wine (Menage a Trois=$24/bottle, Yellow Tail=$17/bottle, and Beringer…? I can’t remember how much Beringer was, but Yellow Tail was the cheapest out of the three!!) and last..

liquor is cheap, especially if you get it at the airport in the duty free store! We got so much last time that they GAVE us a suitcase for free to carry it away in!! (Sorry if you’re reading this, Lee and Kathy) 🙂

These are just a few things that stuck out the most to us. Pretty much anything with a U.S. brand is expensive. Most cereals (U.S., like Special K and what not) are around $5-$6 for a normal, small box!

You know though, I’m sure that this may be the reason I have lost so much weight while here. Fruits and veggies are low in price and American foods are higher in price…..interesting. If only the U.S. could get on this bandwaggon!!! It’s going to be tough going home, and more expensive…not looking forward to that.

Where are the cheapest places you find fresh fruits and veggies? Remember, we live in the desert of Las Vegas. I’m sure there are fresh foods available, just gotta find ’em!

~Thanks for reading~

Pura Vida!

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