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Day 27: Litter

Alright, alright. I know it’s been a while since I have posted, but you can all understand the craziness of the holidays, right? And that I flew 6 flight legs in 14 days between CR, Denver, Vegas, Kansas City, and Dallas….whew. We got home on the December 18th, unpacked, and then a few short days later threw some things in a bag and flew out last minute to MO (Peter’s home)! Yea, that’s pretty much the story of our life. It used to drive me crazy that Peter would always wait and make plans last minute, which he did because he could fly stand-by, but I’ve now come over to the dark side and find myself being a last-minute, on a whim traveler! I’m sure this annoys my family and I am really sorry about that!!! Love you guys!

Ok, now that I have done some explaining, on to covering today’s topic: Litter.

Nobody likes litter. It’s dirty, ugly and just rude in my opinion. Apparently Costa Ricans feel differently. There are many things I love and a few things I don’t about the people here, and littering falls under the latter category. 

I wanted SO bad to take a picture of some, but there were always people walking along the sidewalk and roads, or just hanging out outside of their house and I didn’t want them to look at me funny for taking pictures of trash on the side of the road with my fancy camera….

I should really get over the fear of judgment, though, if I want to take better photos while traveling. I may feel silly in the moment, but very rarely do I regret capturing the moment, no matter how silly I felt at the time.

Sorry, back to the litter. I just don’t understand it because it is such a beautiful country with abounding forests and greenery, but get near just about any city or busy town and there is just trash lining the sides of the highways, streets, and sidewalks. You would think they would want to keep Costa Rica beautiful. I mean, they are the ones that have to live there year-round. 

Once, while walking to the bus stop to go home after school, I watched a lady who was walking toward me dump out the contents of her plastic water bottle and then just toss the bottle over the guard rail. It landed near other bottles and paper-like trash. It made me so mad, though! I almost caught myself reacting. Grrr.

I will say, even though there are designated trash areas, they are sort of like elevated cages instead of trash cans, so I think the trash falls through the holes a lot of the time and then the wind blows it around. However, the lady mentioned above was near stores and things where she could have thrown her bottle away. 

I know it’s something small, but it is something I noticed and thought was really strange while living in CR 🙂

Three more posts until my 30-day challenge is complete!

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~Thanks for reading~

Pura vida!

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