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Day 23: ~Fun Currency~

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The currency here is SO much more interesting than the boring ‘ole U.S. dollar. U.S.D.s are all the same size and the same color….but Costa Rican Colones are different colors and slightly different shapes!

The Costa Rican Colon is named after the explorer, Christopher Columbus (Spanish name: Cristobol Colon) 😉

500 CRC is ~ 1 USD, which makes converting our money at grocery stores and what not pretty darn easy!

They also use more coins here. Partially, I think, because people don’t make very much money, so change gets used more when you aren’t spending a lot. I know when I show a $20 (USD) in the grocery store, they have to call over a store manager to check it and make sure it’s legit, because that’s a lot of money around here. USD are generally accepted here pretty much anywhere you go. Also, the buses are used a lot, so it’s nice to have change on hand at any given time. I would not use USD on the buses.

Picture of the dinero!

Picture of the dinero. Isn’t it purty?!

At the bottom are the coins (I’ll go over those after the next picture). As far as the bills go, there is one bill showing the front, and another showing the back. The red = 1,000 ($2), blue = 2,000 ($4), yellow/cream = 5,000 ($10), and green = 10,000 ($20). I never see any bills larger than 10,000 and those are not common. Also, note that there are 2 different 5,000 bills. The cream colored one was what we saw when first moved here, then the yellow was introduced and that’s mainly what we see now. The cream ones are pretty rare. We’re going to bring one home for our “collection”! I only had one 10,000, so you don’t get to see the face on the front. Instead, I made sure you could see all of the really cool animals on the backs! The red has a deer and a tree, the blue has a shark, yellow has a monkey, and green has a sloth.

Next, we’re going to check out the coinage…



In case you didn’t notice, that’s a U.S. quarter below the line up of colones. That’s just to give you an idea of the SIZE of these coins! The 500 one is HUGE! It makes a quarter seem tiny (it’s the size of a 10 colones/2 cents)…

500 colones = $1

100 colones = 20 cents

50 colones = 10 cents

25 colones = 5 cents

10 colones = 2 cents

5 colones = 1/2 cent (lol)

Ok, that’s your lesson for the day on CR money!

It’s going to be hard going back to the boring USD. All I want to do is take one of every CRC bill back with me, but that would be a lot of money in USD just sitting in a “collection” somewhere in our house…..Idk, I’m still thinking about it though 🙂 What do you think? Is it worth it to keep high bill currency? Lemmie know!

~Thanks for reading~

Pura vida!

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