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Day 26: Walking Distance to Food and other Necessities

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Something that we’ve been spoiled by here is being so close to a fruit/veggie stand and a convenient store that has EVERYTHING. I don’t even know where they put it all because it’s a small store and they seriously have so many things in there.

The fruit/veggie stand guy runs his business off of his patio! I’m pretty sure his bedroom is where he hangs out when it’s slow and he can see through this hallway from the bedroom to the patio when someone enters his ‘store’ and he goes to the patio to help them. Peter and I regularly get bananas from him throughout the week and spend around 20 cents for three bananas!

The street we walk down to get to the store.

The street we walk down to get to the store.

The name of his store is La Amistad šŸ™‚

La Amistad

La Amistad

The corner store near us, which is just past La Amistad, is called Super Rio Oro. I don’t even know where to start in naming off all of the things you can buy in this store. We have bought coke, beer, cream cheese, cottage cheese, toothbrushes, a notebook, ‘feminine products’, rice, fresh veggies, eggs, laundry soap, matches, soup, bouillon cubes, mashed potatoes, coffee filters, and tupper ware. There are many other things you can find there but these are just a few.

I should also probably mention that one time, while we were in the pasta isle, Peter told me to look at a certain item and about scared the crap out of me! When I looked, there were two little eyes staring back at me! There was this small black kitten that was prowling around through the items on the shelf! It was so cute. Definitely a big difference from the U.S.

Now that I have written it all out, I suppose these are all things that you can find in a convenient store in the U.S., but I think what is so shocking to us is that all of these things are either the same price or sometimes CHEAPER than the grocery store! That is definitely not the case with convenient stores in the U.S.

Super Rio Oro

Super Rio Oro

The bus stop out of town is right in front of this store, too, so it’s a pretty popular spot around this part.

It’s been so nice having these two stores so close, but before I am caught complaining too much, I should mention that we are a little less than a mile from a Smith’s (Kroger) and an Albertson’s back in Vegas. I hope that living here without a car will have helped us realize that it’s aĀ feasibleĀ option to walk or bike to the store more often. Especially when the weather is nice. Vegas has a really nice and long Spring, so we should be taking advantage this year!

Do you walk or bike to get groceries, ever? Could it be an option for you that you just haven’t considered? Something to think about…

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Pura vida!

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