Day 19: Foods from home I miss

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First off, I can’t believe we only have 8 days left here! The closer we get to leaving day, the faster the days seem to fly by!

Today I want to talk about the foods from home that I have missed by being here.

Initially, I thought of fast food type restaurants. Wendy’s, KFC, Del Taco. But then I remembered that we never really ate fast food that often anyway when we were home. Every once in a while we might have gone and got some Wendy’s chicken nuggets, or a McDonald’s breakfast burrito, but every time we ate fast food we were reminded of how gross it really is. Turns out my taste buds send these messages to my brain that say fast food tastes good and on the occasion I give in I either changed my mind on the way or went through with it and was disappointed by how I thought it would taste. Bottom line, fast food is gross people and I don’t miss it from home. Also, there are all of the aforementioned food places here, and they even DELIVER! But they are more expensive than in the U.S. so we just surpassed them as an option while living here.

Ok, enough with the fast food ranting. Some things I have missed from the U.S. are certain fruits! For one, GRAPES! I love snacking on grapes (I think I get that one from my dad. He always has them in a colander in the sink when they’re in season.) You can find grapes in the grocery store, but for a hefty price, and they don’t sell them at my local market, so we haven’t had grapes in probably a year! Next, oranges. They have fresh squeezed O.J. at the market. You watch them juice them up and everything! But you don’t see oranges like we are use to in the States, here. There is a fruit here that is the size of a lemon, green like a lime, but orange in the center, and it’s sweet like an orange….idk. If you ask for a limon dulce (sweet lime) that’s what you get.

Next are things from the grocery store we haven’t been able to find. Greek yogurt is first. It’s so good for you and you can supplement it in so many recipes to make them healthier. We have really missed it. We have also missed almond butter! None to be found here. And last is enchilada sauce. There is NONE in the grocery stores. I honestly just don’t think Costa Ricans make enchiladas that often. It may be more of a Mexican dish. Plus, most Costa Rican food is not spicy, so I think that’s part of why enchilada sauce is just hard to find. Don’t worry though, I brought back the packets of enchilada sauce that you can mix with tomato sauce. It’s worked out well so far!

Restaurants we can’t wait to get back to include Lotus of Siam and Island Sushi! Lotus of Siam is a Thai place located in a strip mall in North Las Vegas that is small, authentic and just plain delicious! The menu is HUGE and if you go, you have to get the Thai Iced Tea.  The other place we love is Island Sushi which is located really close to our house in Vegas, and they have an awesome happy hour menu in the late afternoon and late evening. Their sushi isn’t super fancy or the highest quality, but there are a few rolls that we love from there and we just go and get those every time 🙂 .

Last, there are two things we  miss from our kitchen back home, and those are the crock pot ( I think I miss that more than Peter does) and our juicer. I know Peter misses the second one just as much as I do. Juicing is just so awesome because you can squeeze so many fresh fruits and veggies into one big glass! Now, the crock pot is just great for easy and delicious recipes. It probably doesn’t help that Pinterest exists and there are TONS of crock pot soups and stews that are out there right now with the holidays in full swing.

Can’t wait to get home to our house. Really missing it today!

What are things that you would miss from your home if you moved to another country for a year? 🙂

~Thanks for reading~

Pura vida!


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4 thoughts on “Day 19: Foods from home I miss

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  2. When I first moved to Canada I missed Russian black bread (made with rye and caraway seeds).

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