Day 18: Clothes and Shopping

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****WARNING**** The below post is semi-girly!

I’m sure most girls out there, and some guys, can relate to me when I say I have missed my clothes and shopping for clothes. I’ll be honest, I don’t really shop a lot. But I still like fashion and dressing up, so the past year has been a little bit tough.

I only brought enough clothes that fit into 2 medium sized suitcases. That’s shoes, accessories and ALL! I know, you’re impressed, aren’t you?

I have to say what has gotten to me the most over this past year has been really just getting bored with wearing the same thing over and over. When I was working as a teacher I felt like I had about 2-2 1/2 weeks of outfits that I would rotate, which after the first 5 months became really frustrating.

I have to admit, when I went back to the States for a friend’s wedding, I did go buy a pair of white jeans from Ross (love that place! And T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, etc..) and I bought a light sweater and a couple of accessories here in CR. The thing about shopping in CR is that they do NOT accept returns!! I went to the mall here with my friend Megan to return a pair of shorts and the lady at the cash register said that Megan had to contact their lawyer in order to discuss a return! It’s crazy!

It was difficult going back in the summer and seeing all of the super cute trends and refraining myself from just grabbing my wallet and keys and jetting off to the mall! One of my favorite things was the gold watch trend. I think they are super cute. I love gold! (I totally just re-read that last part in an Austin Powers’ Goldmember voice….Anyone remember that? Anyone?)

Overall, I think I have spent around $55 the past year on clothes shopping.

Anyway, now that the seasons are changing in the states, and with the ‘help’ of Pinterest, all I can think about is getting home and getting cute sweaters and boots!! I have this super weak spot for winter clothing. Now, ask me why I have lived all my life in either the South, a desert, or near the equator….? I think it’s because I love dressing for cold weather, but not necessarily the cold weather itself. I found that little fact out during my first January trip to Missouri. Brrrrrrr!

Something else I have thought about is how new all my clothes will seem when I get home! I have so many, it will be sort of fun going home and remembering what all I own…lol. This brings me to another realization. I want to treat my wardrobe from now on with a “Less is more” attitude. I want to know myself and my style well enough and be able to shop well enough to have nice, key pieces in my closet and not just a TON of “cute” clothes. I definitely want to go through my closet when I get home and get rid of a lot of items. I know it will be hard, but I just need to remind myself that after I finish cleaning out a lot I can get a few new pieces!! I think I need to write this project down as a possible blog post when I get home.

The last issues I had with my clothes here are moths, bleach, and jeans that are too big! First off, there are these tiny holes in some of my shirts and sweaters in my closet.

Shirt of mine. The moths must LOVE this one. There are 4 holes in it!

Shirt of mine. The moths must LOVE this one. There are 4 holes in it!



Second, I somehow got this huge bleach stain on the back pocket of one of my pairs of jeans. They weren’t even that old, either.

I would post a picture, but I sent that pair of jeans home with my mom when she was visiting since I wasn’t wearing them.

Last, most of my pants are too big on me now! Thanks to our healthier eating habits, I lost some weight. Enough so that my jeans are too big! Another reason to go shopping?? I think YES!

One awesome thing that happened while I was here: I brought this pair of North Face pants that Peter bought for me in early 2009 that were too small for me. I mean, I couldn’t even button them without the snap popping open again. I was so sad that these pricey pants had not been very worn, but I couldn’t use them because they were too small! I guess I packed them because they are traveling type pants, and we were traveling for a long time! I am so glad I did because after losing the weight they now fit like a glove! You have no idea how happy I was to be able to wear those pants around. Great feeling!

What else is in style these day? I need to get caught up!

~Thanks for reading~

Pura vida!

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