Day 16: Things for the Home I do NOT Want

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I know, this seems like a strange title for a post, but when I’ve had to live with certain household items around here, it makes me do two things:

1) Makes me thankful for the things I have in my home.

2) Makes me realize that just because something looks cool and fancy, doesn’t mean it functions very cool or fancy…

What sort of “things” am I talking about? Well, let’s just get started. And I think I’ll stick with the numbering for this post.

1 – The stove.  Our stove back home is gas (which I LOOOVE!) with normal grates (I think that’s what those metal things are called on each burner..). Here, we use an electric stove with a fancy, flush look. Like this:

'flush' look.

‘flush’ look.

Top of the stove.

Top of the stove.

It looks really nice, but what I end up doing is using it as a counter since there is not a whole lot of counter space to begin with. This is bad because there have been multiple times I have used a burner, turned it off, and the red spiral that lights up when it is on disappears so I forget it’s hot and set things down on it… rubber lids. Then I get the joy of cleaning melted rubber off the stove and also smelling it for a few days after, just as a reminder! The ‘flush’ flat surface may look sleek and modern, but it’s just a bad idea. At least it’s a bad idea for people like me..

2 – Goblet-style cups. For some reason the owner of this apartment decided to furnish it with these cups that are sort of like goblets and don’t hold very much liquid. The biggest drawback, in our opinion, is that when you go to rinse them out, if you aren’t careful and turn the water on too fast, then it ricochets in and out of the cup and all over the front of your shirt! Or on the floor. It’s so annoying. It also sucks not being able to get a big glass of water. You have to refill a small glass multiple times. Looks fancy, but not efficient!

The goblet.

The goblet.

Just to give you an idea of the size, this is my small, girly hand.

Just to give you an idea of the size, this is my small, girly hand.

3 – Glass sinks. We have this really luxurious looking sink in our second bathroom that is glass. It goes with the decor and looks very nice….until you use it. It’s glass, people. It shows every watermark and smudge! I want to show you a picture, but no matter how much we clean it, there are still things that just won’t come out. So, just use your imagination for that one. 🙂

4 – Tile floors. They show everything! I have to sweep every other day and wipe my feet off before going to bed at night. It honestly just makes me scared for what’s hiding in my carpet back home. YIKES! Dust bunnies try and thrive around here…I will say that we leave the patio door open here all day and into the night, so I’m sure there is a lot of extra dust and things blowing in, whereas back home the doors stay shut pretty much all of the time. All homes are tile here, and I’m sure with good reason once the rainy season hits! I swear, moisture gets EVERYWHERE that time of year, and I don’t think moisture and carpets mix.

Our tile.

Our tile.

Other things I am exited to get home to include a bigger kitchen sink, more counter space, and our comfy couch!

What are some things that you have loved or disliked about your living spaces in the past? Let me know so I don’t make the mistake of putting it in my home!

~Thanks for reading~

Pura vida!

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