Day 13: Friends We’ve Made Along the Way

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If you are visiting Ticavida for the first time, Welcome!

We have been so lucky to make such good friends since we’ve been here, and today I want to talk about how happy we are to have met each one!

The first people we met when coming here was Kristin and Nicki, who work with Poker Refugees (FB link here). They are the people who moved Peter and I here in the beginning. They helped out with finding an apartment, setting up a bank account and so much more with the whole process of setting up shop here. Also, they are just cool chicks to hang out with!

Next, I got a job teaching fourth grade at an American International school. The first day was far beyond hectic for me and I had no clue what I was doing since I have never taught before, and I do not have a teaching degree. Luckily, I got some amazing guidance from the third grade teacher, Betsy! Unfortunately, she was only around for another two or three weeks after I started, but I know it was better for her that way. Peter and I also watched her adorable little pup for a few days!

I also met another really cool couple from the Northeast, Mike and Natalee. My first impression of them was a little weird-ed out because they are not married, but they have the same last name. I couldn’t decide if it was by chance they happened to have the same last name, or if she was just the ‘crazy’ girl that changed her last name to match her boyfriend’s before they were engaged or married or anything! lol. Poor thing. I think she gets that a lot. They both helped with advice for traveling to Manuel Antonio and to Bocas del Toro, Panama (which turned out to be the best vacation EVER). It’s too bad we didn’t get to hang out with them a little bit more before they went back to the States, but I have a really good time getting to know them while they were here!

After Betsy left, a new third grade teacher came, and I felt like I should pay it forward and offer any help to this new teacher as was possible. As it turned out, is a super awesome person and her name is Megan! We connected first on where we are both from….TEXAS! Then I asked her where she was living and she said Santa Ana, which is where we live! It just felt right from day one. She is just so sweet and she introduced us to her boyfriend, Jorge, who is Tico and just as sweet as can be. We have spent many weekends hanging out together, they have celebrated both of our birthdays with us, and really just been there for us for anything we’ve needed. They are such a great couple and just really great people all around. Our experience here would NOT have been the same without them. Thank you, Megan and Jorge!

Birthday fun with Megan and Jorge!

My 26th birthday fun with Megan and Jorge!

Last, we have met some really cool friends through the wonderful world of poker! I’ll start with Clint. He invited us white water rafting with him and another poker player and we had a blast!! White water rafting is probably the most fun thing I have ever done, and I have Clint to thank for that! He also has a really sweet girlfriend he lives with in California near LA. They are an adorable couple and just send off good vibes all around. Hoping we get to see more of them in the future, for sure.

From Left to Right it's Clint, Peter, random guy on the raft traveling alone, Ryan (another poker player), and me!

From Left to Right it’s Clint, Peter, random guy on the raft traveling alone, Ryan (another poker player), and me!

The other really great ‘poker’ couple we have met is Emily and Josh. They are newlyweds from South Dakota who are just perfect together and boy do they know how to have a good time! We have spent many nights (sometimes into the morning…lol) just having great conversation, occasionally watching Youtube videos, and just having an overall great time. They are such an upbeat couple with similar views as us on traveling styles, which led us to go on a completely FANTASTIC vacation to Bocas del Toro, Panama with them. You never know what it’s going to be like traveling with others, and seeing as we had only known them a short time, we were a juuust a little bit nervous at first. As it turns out, there was no need to be nervous at all! We loved being around them so much that we tagged along with them to Manuel Antonio for a couple nights not too long ago. They may never get rid of us now! So thanks Josh and Emily for making traveling around this country with friends such a great experience. We are looking forward to more once we are all State side. 🙂

This picture cracks me up, but snorkeling in Panama was so much fun!

This picture cracks me up, but snorkeling in Panama was so much fun!

Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio

Finding good friends while you are traveling is really important in my opinion. It has a great effect on your experience in one place. I feel so grateful for all of the friends we have made over the past year. Our time spent here couldn’t have been spent much better!

~Thanks for reading~

Pura vida!

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