Day 11: Beautiful Weather

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It seems a little bit silly to me to be posting about the weather. I mean, that’s what you talk about when there is nothing else to talk about, right?

Well, it may sound silly, but it turned out to be a really big deal to me and Peter. It really is truly amazing waking up every morning and opening up the sliding glass door on our porch to bright sunshine and a temperature around 70-75 F. No matter how bad of a morning I was having or how stressed out I was before heading to school at 7 A.M., once I stepped outside, took a breath of fresh air and felt the warm sun on my skin and a cool breeze through my hair, it’s like all of the bad disappeared.

This was taken in January 2012, not long after arriving to CR for the first time! This is our apartment patio :-)

This was taken in January 2012, not long after arriving to CR for the first time! This is our apartment patio 🙂

We live in a part of Costa Rica known as The Valley. It’s near San Jose is, and it is MUCH cooler weather than the beach. It is actually really amazing how much the weather changes between here and the hour and half drive to the Pacific coast. The coasts are all hot and humid with salt in the air. I love visiting places like that for a few days, but I am so glad that we chose to live in the Valley rather than the beach.

We almost never had to turn on our air conditioning. We just leave a few windows and the patio door open!

Mid December-March is what is called the ‘dry’ season here. I am not exaggerating when I say it did not rain ONCE during those months! I think I even got a little spoiled, because those were my first few months experiencing CR and I remember thinking, “Wow! This is awesome!” and also, “Man, I kind of miss clouds and rain…” There were hardly ever any clouds, either!

I think the highest the temperature got during those months was a few days it hit lower 90’s, and everyone was complaining about how hot it was?!?! lol. Moving from Las Vegas to here…Costa Ricans don’t know what ‘hot’ is!  🙂 Those were some of the days we chose to close the door and turn on the a/c for a few minutes. A ‘too hot’ poker player in the house is NO fun to be around…trust me.

The rainy season hits around April and lasts through November/early December. The worst month of the rainy season is October. During April-September it would be bright and sunny in the mornings, and anywhere between 1-4 p.m. it would get cloudy and eventually rain. I mean, we are talking like clockwork here. You could never judge the weather for the day based on the morning sky outside your window because there was a 98% chance it would rain. Then again, the nice part of that is that it was always predictable. It would almost always rain that afternoon! October was different. You would wake up in the morning and there would be clouds. Even rain some mornings! It was just so different than what I was use to for so long. It also gets really chilly in the evenings on rainy days, like in the 50’s!

I brought a rain jacket with me, but one of my student’s parents ended up giving me and Peter a huge umbrella! It was so nice of them, and came in handy for me many times walking to and from school.

This is an example of a rainy afternoon Taken from our patio in October 2012

This is an example of a rainy afternoon Taken from our patio in October 2012

Another benefit to good weather is mood. Bright and sunny days tend to coincide with better moods and better overall emotions.

As long as I’ve known this sweet and loving man of mine (which is around seven years now) he has dealt with an ongoing battle of depression. It doesn’t occur all the time, but we call them ‘sad days’. In the past, he would be fine and happy for a while, and then for no apparent reason, no trigger that we could think of, he would become really depressed. There was no predictor an episode was about to occur, and I really don’t know that there was anything we could do to bring him out of the depression. I just had to be there for him and we would wait it out together, until he felt better.

Overtime, we did notice that the episodes were occurring less and less (I like to think that was a result of me being in his life… lol, just kidding!), but they were still more often than we liked. We looked into different medications, but neither of us really like the idea of being medicated for emotions, so we moved on to a more natural solution: Vitamins!

Currently, Peter takes vitamins such as Niacin and 5-HTP, which are mood enhancers and help control serotonin levels. We have also both noticed that since moving here, to Costa Rica, having the sun shining almost everyday has affected Peter’s mood in a really positive way. I think in the last year he has only had one, maybe two, episodes. I think they call it Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) when the weather affects your mood.

The difficult thing for us now is to leave here knowing how good things have been for him. I know he is worried that more episodes will flare up when we return home, but I’m confident that he is on a good path. Plus, luckily for us, Las Vegas is a pretty sunny city most of the year! The challenge will be to get him out of the Casino and into the sun.

We have spent a lot of time over the last couple of weeks just standing outside, trying to soak in the beautiful weather, and not take it for granted while we have it so nice! I love to go outside in the evenings once the moon is out and just look up and the bright stars and the moon and just be in the moment. We never took much time to do that back home. We were always too busy with other things.

Make sure you take the time to be present and aware in the moment, wherever you are and in whatever you do. Life will really amaze you.

**Sidenote: Always wear sunscreen! We wear spf 70 on our faces daily, and at least spf 30 if we are going to be out in the sun. No skin cancer for us!** 🙂

~Thanks for reading~

Pura vida!

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3 thoughts on “Day 11: Beautiful Weather

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  2. Emily Petersen

    I need to move to Santa Ana. The last 2 weeks in our neck of the woods has been dreeeerryyyy… all day long, no sun even in the mornings 😦 (which i find weird, since its almost dec)

    • I know! Well, it’s been pretty cloudy here, but I do feel like where you guys are at is a lot more cloudy for how close you seem to be to Santa Ana.. Crazy how different the weather can be!

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