Day 9: Cell Phones

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So, it looks like I took the word “challenge” seriously, because I am so behind with my posts! My mom came to visit for five days and wore me out! I’m hoping to do at least two posts a day to catch up though. Sorry about that!

When we first decided to move down here, one of the first things we did was check to see what the cell phone situation would be like. In the States, we have a plan with three other family members through Verizon. We also have smart phones….back in the states.

It turns out that Verizon does not have the capability to carry service to Costa Rica, and we couldn’t break our contract without paying an arm and a leg, and screwing over the other people on our contract with us.

What we ended up doing was suspending our phone service (we still have to pay $10/month for that) and just buying a $30 cell phone in the airport in CR. This little guy is pictured below!

Lit up!

side view

It’s a pay as you go service. There are two main phone services here. One is Kolbi (that’s the one we use) and the other is Claro (they tend to cater to the nicer phones, like Iphones and what not)

This little phone only costs us about $2 per month! We don’t make a lot of phone calls…lol, and we have a land line we try and use too, since it’s included in the rent. It’s definitely a big change from the $90 per month we were paying back in the states. And that was for EACH of our phones!!!

It’s things like this that make it so affordable to live in two places at once. We have our mortgage in Vegas, and our rent here. Although, I think when we calculated what we are spending per month this year (mortgage AND rent) compared with last year (only the mortgage payment), we are spending quite a bit less this year.

I know it’s a bit of a bunny trail saying this, but it really did blow our minds that we were spending so much back home. And we considered ourselves to be frugal! Right now we are able to live between two places at any given time on only one salary (I don’t count the money I made teaching, because it is such a small contribution, and I am paying on my student loans with that and putting most of the rest into an IRA when we get back to the states). This is the sort of thing that people think would be too expensive. In my opinion, it’s totally do-able. It just depends on how bad you want to make it work and figure it out.

Ok, enough of my bunny trail. Back to cell phones.

The last thing I was going to mention was the great technology we have available. And for FREE! Skype is seriously my new best friend. I am able to talk to and SEE my loved ones back home! I even loved utilizing this in the states, because we were living in Las Vegas, but our families are in Texas and Missouri.

It can be tough living without my smartphone attached to me all the time. Most of the time, I just wish I had it for the camera. They take such high quality pictures these days and are so compact! Also, I want to take “sneaky” pictures sometimes, and you can’t really do that with a Canon EOS Rebel

Other than that, it’s really nice not to feel compelled to check FB every second throughout the day, and goof off on the next free app.

I have more time for things like, I don’t know, blog! Or just taking in the experience of being in another country.

~Thanks for reading~ (Even if it’s on your smart phone) 😉

Pura vida!

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