Day 4: No car

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Today, Peter and I went around to run some errands. The list included Peter getting his hair and beard trimmed (which looks AWESOME), buy a gift for a friend’s birthday, get a few groceries, pay our electric bill (you can do that at the grocery store…I know, crazy! We thought people were making it up when they told us to go there to pay bills..), and stop by the butcher to get some pechuga de pollo sin huesos (boneless, skinless chicken breast).

It is definitely days like these when I wish we had a car.

When we have days like these, where we need to run all over the place, we usually plan everything out to a T. Where to go first and what’s the least number of bus trips we can take to get everything done. And if one place doesn’t have something and you need to go somewhere else, then it can become quite a hassle.

Here is my baby back home that I can not wait to get back to!

This is my first picture with my baby back in 2008! Gosh, I was just a 21 year old baby myself back then 🙂

At the Continental Divide in Colorado, driving from Dallas to Vegas! 2010

Like I said in the Day 1 post, I love that there is public transportation available to us and I am so thankful for it most days, but some days it’s just nice to be able to hop in your car and go wherever your heart desires in your own time!

A goal of mine for when we get back to Vegas will be to ride my bike whenever possible. We live less than a mile from so many things (grocery store, dollar store, gas stations….oh, wait..).

It will be tough on those hot days. I mean, we do live in the desert.

I believe in me, though! So much we want to alter about our life together when we return to the states. But you will have to keep reading in order to see what the other changes will be 🙂

Pura Vida!

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