Day 3: The Feria

First off, if you haven’t checked out Day one and Day two yet, click here!

Day 3 we are going to talk about how much I am going to miss the feria (street market)!

It only happens once a week, on Sundays, from 5 a.m. – noon in downtown Santa Ana and it is so cool. Well, it’s actually pretty hot in the morning/early afternoons. I usually come back with pink shoulders.

You can find all sorts of fruits and vegetables at really good prices. Peter and I can buy enough for both of us to last a little more than a week for around $9-$12!! I think it may be even less for locals, because they know how to barter in Spanish. I could try it, but I’m sure I’d get some dirty looks and bad-mouthing behind my back..

I love getting the carrots there. They are HUGE! I’ll have to take a pic and then come back and update this post. Also, the cucumbers are almost sweet tasting they are so good. I already loved cucumbers, but Peter doesn’t really like them, so when he started asking me to get some on Sundays I knew there was something special about them.

There are a couple of items that are imported. I know the “pretty”, white garlic is from China (you can buy locally grown as well, though. It’s brown.) and the small, crisp apples have a sticker on them usually, and I think they are from Washington!

We typically buy at least some of the following on any given Sunday: apples, cucumbers, strawberries, onions, pejiballe, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, squash, cilantro, bell peppers, garlic, fresh squeezed OJ, mamon chino/rambutan fruit, avocado, mango.

Oh! And I can’t leave the feria without a freshly juiced drink. It’s $1 for a large cup of either carrot, sugarcane, guanabana (claims to fight cancer cells), and one other juice that is white and has a nutty flavor to it (I can never remember it’s name). There is also street food that is SO yummy! I’ll have to update this section as well with photos and more info on the food!

Things that I’ve seen that I haven’t tried (I know, you are wondering why I haven’t tried something?! Well, I ask myself that same question, and the answer is normally because I don’t have a recipe. But really, I should just woman up and look up a new recipe and just do it!) include: lettuce, cabbage, eggplant, cauliflower, broccoli, pineapple (these are just too heavy for me to carry back, so I get them from somewhere closer to our house. More on that in another post), bananas (I get these closer to home as well because they get squished by the other fruits and veggies), dried beans, coconuts.

Things that I haven’t seen there that is common in the U.S.: grapes, oranges (ironically, because they have oranges that are juiced.

I have mentioned before about how we learned that the banana crops seen near the coast and are exported are covered in pesticides pretty much until they’re shipped. Well, we also learned that if you buy the “finger” bananas (tiny bananas just a bit longer than your finger), then they are usually grown naturally with no pesticides.

Yay! Because I love bananas and I was going to be really sad to cut them out of my diet when I found out about the pesticide issue.

On to the good stuff. Pictures! Here are a few pics we have taken from the market.

Some weekends they will have a festival or something going on, so there will be another street covered in tents with arts and crafts and what not for sale. There is also almost ALWAYS music blaring out of a large speaker in the center of the market’s strip. Oh, and if you go later, you can catch the old church’s last service music from the street before they let out. Ok, now on to the pictures. 🙂









Oh look! I did have a picture of a carrot 🙂

Pura Vida!

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  2. Veronica

    Everything looks so yummy!

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