Day 1: Public Transportation

I wasn’t really sure where to start with this whole countdown, so I decided to go with public transportation!

Something that I have never really had due to growing up in Texas where things I guess are too spread out for public transit. I’ve also heard that there were talks of it in Arlington, TX and the mid-cities of DFW, but the city council was too worried that it would bring in homeless people. Yea, I won’t go off on that tangent now, I suppose…lol

All that to say, I LOVE being able to walk to a bus stop that has (usually) clean, efficient buses every 15 minutes. Oh, and they’re also cheap! The most expensive bus that I use to get around is about 60 cents a ride (305 colones).

One of the bus stops along the highway

Oh, I should also go over with you the unwritten rules of riding the bus.

1) When waiting in line to get on the bus, most men will step aside and let the women get on first. (I know! So respectful.)

2) Once on the bus, if all of the seats are full and there is a woman standing, some men will stand up and give the woman their seat. (Again, so chivalrous, right?)

3) If an elderly person gets on the bus (and believe me, I have seen 90 year old men and women [slowly] hop on for a ride) then a younger man or woman should stand and let them have their seat.

Now, I’m not saying every Costa Rican does this, but a lot of them do! It was just so surprising at first. It’s just not something you see very often in the states. Generally, people tend to be more concerned with themselves.

I suppose I should also mention that there are reasonably priced buses that run across the country as well. From one coast to another, or from San Jose to just about anywhere! So helpful to make travel around the country so accessible and affordable. Our recent trip to Manuel Antonio took about 3 hours each way, and cost $8 per person each way. Not too bad!

Especially when a flight from San Jose to Manuel Antonio (in one of those tiny, scary, twin-prop planes, ahh!) is about $140 round trip!

Taxis are another form of transit that is available just about everywhere. I think because not everyone owns a car here. Taxis are not cheap, nor are they expensive. If you can take a bus that is always the best way to go, but sometimes a taxi is a must, and they aren’t too bad overall.

Oh, and speaking of cars. They are SO expensive to buy here. I’ll just tell you that I saw an ad in the local paper recently that was a car dealer selling a new Hyundai for $32,000!!! Yikes! That’s probably a major reason why public transportation is so important, as well. Most people just can’t afford to drive when your family’s monthly income is probably around $1,000.

It’s going to probably hurt a little when we go home and have to start paying for gas, car insurance, and car maintenance again.

I will miss you public buses!!

Come back tomorrow for my Day 2 post!

Pura Vida!

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