Bocas del Toro: Part 3, The FINAL segment!

Well, you’ve made it. You’ve read through Part 1 and Part 2, and you’ve stuck it out till the end! You deserve a good post for all of that reading and waiting, and I hope I can give it to you!

Let’s see, where did I leave off….Oh yes! I was about to start on our second full day in Panama. But first, I should mention that I woke up in the middle of the night to Monkeys playing on our roof. Of course then I became paranoid they were going to come into our room and steal our stuff….ha! It never happened. Just me being my usual, over-imaginative self.

These people in their canoes were pretty common. Also, notice how high the mountains in the background are. The clouds are hanging around their peaks.

Our plan for the day was to relax in the morning after breakfast, and head to Red Frog Beach for a few hours mid-day. This would be our third, and final excursion that was included in our package we paid for. I think we were all looking forward to a day of just relaxing on a beach after a full day of travel, and then another full day of excursions. Red Frog Beach is on the same island as Al Natural Resort (Bastimentos Island), but it was on the other side, so our boat driver shipped out with us around 10A.M.

Well, now we must be the luckiest people ever, because on our way to the other side of the island, look what we happened to run in to…

Dolphins!! It looks kind of like a shark here, but they were dolphins.

There were about three of them total, and it was hard to get a good picture because by the time you saw them coming up out of the water and snapped it, they were on their way back under the water. Our boat guide was the one who saw them first and pointed them out to us!

Another dolphin!

We spent a few minutes watching and observing them before we continued on to Red Frog Beach!

Once we pulled up to the marina we saw some amazing boats from all over the world parked. One was even from Oregon!

View of all of the boats in the marina.

Once we docked, we had to walk a short way to get to the actual beach area. It was completely worth it! The water was the perfect temperature and not even too salty! I have this weird thing with salt water…I hate it. But this water was not bad at all! The water was also shallow quite a ways out, so we all just hung out in the waves for a bit, or at least until we were all prune-y 🙂 After that, we got some nachos and a drink to enjoy on the beach!

Red Frog Beach

Red Frog Beach

My babe! He’s so cool. Although, a bit pale 😉

Yummy coconut drink!

After a while, it began to drizzle, so we headed back to the dock early. Look what we got to see along the way!

A sloth!

We also saw a few tiny jellyfish in the water around the boats. They were so cute! I was tempted to touch one, so I could see what it feels like, but I was too chicken.

Once our boat returned, we headed back to Al Natural Resort for a late lunch (by the way, all of the lunches every day were AMAZING!) and then decided to try out the kayaks! I had never been kayaking before, so it was a new experience for me. Peter and I shared one, while Josh and Emily took one each. We paddled out to where there were some waves, and then would paddle along with the tide coming back in so the waves would push us and make us go faster. I was freaked out though (of course, I think I may be the party pooper between me and Peter) because it was very shallow, and there was coral all beneath us, and all I could think of was Peter telling me how much it hurts if you are scratched by coral. So, we only did it a few times, and although it was fun, I definitely did not want to tip our kayak. Josh, however, did end up flipping over and falling out, but he got back on and wasn’t hurt or anything, but he did come up one item short of when he went under. His sun glasses were gone! I believe Emily called him the king of losing sun glasses, or something along those lines. Haha, learned something new about Josh!

After kayaking, we all went back to the room to shower, nap, and get ready for dinner. Peter and I decided to take a few pics in the ocean right outside our room.

Peter playing in the water!

Look at that!

Me, just gazing out at the view.

Peter, hanging out on our deck.

Enjoying his cigar.

View of the dock from in front of our room.

Me and my sugar! My hair looks so red here! Weird.

While Peter finished his cigar, I decided to head down to the dock area to take some pictures of the place.

This was the scuba/snorkel center. AND they had a ping pong table!

The water was SO pretty!

Can you see the two starfish?

There it is!

I actually picked one of the starfish up! I only kept it out of the water for a few seconds before placing it back in the water, but I’d never picked one up before and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. There were also tons of fish under the dock, and if you stood still long enough, some would come and nibble at your toes and legs!

Petey came to join me! And the starfish are in the photo, too. 🙂

Below are some fun photos I took of the main dock.


After the sun went down, Peter went to take pictures of the monkeys being fed bananas near the dining area (they were adorable! But we couldn’t get pictures without using a flash).

During dinner, we chatted with our Mexican friends for a while. After dinner, we went back to playing some cards, when it started pouring rain! Emily and I ran, with only a flashlight for light, back to our cabins to pull the plastic curtain shut so that the winds and rain wouldn’t mess up our room. I mean, it was SOOO windy, too! We passed mine and Peter’s room and made it to Emily’s. Once the light was on, I started to run off to mine before my stuff was blown everywhere or rained on, but I heard Emily shout for my help and then heard glass break! So, I hurried back as fast as I could, helped her tie down the plastic, then cleaned up the glass from the cup that was knocked over and broken. Plus, we were soaked! Emily then came over to help me tie ours down, but when I got there it was already done! I have no idea who did it, but I was SURE thankful! We sprinted back to the dinner area (in the super strong wind and rain, with our small flashlight) and let me tell you, my heart was racing!

Once we got back, we had been sitting there a few more minutes when Vincent, the manager, told us that if we went out to the main dock, shined our flashlight into the water for 5-10 seconds, then turned the light off, we would see the plankton glow!!!  So the four of us decided to brave the pouring rain and head out to the dock! We shined our flashlight on the water, counted, then turned the light off and sure enough, the water GLOWED!!!! It was one of the most amazing moments I’ve ever experienced. It was moments like these that made me appreciate the place we stayed at. We would have never seen something like that if we’d have stayed at some resort, or somewhere more populated. Our whole trip was so personalized and fabulous. I can’t express that enough!

The Mexicans that were on the island had a 7a.m. flight the next day, so we were up and out the next day by 5a.m. and began our looooong journey home!

Whew! Thank you so much for following our story, and check back in for our next big adventure!

Pura vida! from Ticavida 🙂

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