Bocas del Toro: Part 2

Alrighty, in case you have forgotten Bocas del Toro: Part 1,  click here to check it out! Now on to Part two!

We arrived at the resort in the early evening and were met at the dock by Vincent, the manager of Al Natural Resort. He is from Belgium, originally, speaks French, English, and Spanish, is married to an Indian woman from Canada who also speaks all three of the same languages! We met their two kids, also. They were quite an interesting family. Vincent said he had been in Bocas for 15 years! The first thing we did after getting off the boat was get a tour of the Nature house we would be staying in!! I mean, I had seen pictures on the website, but there was no way Peter and I could have expected exactly what we got! It was incredible!!!

First, the dining area.

The Nature House Peter and I stayed in!

Another view of the Nature house.

Come in! Don’t forget to splash the sand off your feet in the tiny hole filled with water at the bottom of the stairs.

Hellllloooo bedroom!

Aaaannnd the porch…from standing near the bed….and looking out into the ocean!! Amazing view!

View into the bathroom. Notice you can see outside too, from the inside. Also, notice there is a tree growing through the middle of our bathroom! Totally cool. And the blue thing is the shower curtain.

Peter took this pic from the water outside our place 🙂

After the tour of the house, we changed into non-travel gear then headed to the dining area where the bar was! There were only a couple of people there, so it was really quiet and peaceful. We all got some wine, beer, and coffee to both relax us, and give us a little boost. It had been a LONG day so far, and I think we were all just glad we had FINALLY made it! Emily and Josh suggested playing Apples to Apples. Peter had never played before and I had only played once before, and I remember it being a great time, so we were down! They also taught us this other card game with a normal deck of cards (or, actually, with Peter’s Star Wars 3D hologram  cards he brought, lol) and it was really fun too. I’m not sure what it’s called, and it’s really difficult to explain, but we played it and it was fun!

Finally chilling out at the resort!

This was taken from the dining area. The dock is where we headed to next!

Josh found the hammock pretty quick.

My baby, relaxing! He’s so cute.

Beautiful view of the shoreline from the dock.

Apples to Apples + vino blanco + awesome friends = a GREAT time! And a liiiitle competition 😉

The GORGEOUS set up for dinner the first night!

~Dessert one of the nights~

The dinners every night were SO delicious every night! They were 3 and 4 courses, sea food, Asian cuisine  and yummy fruit desserts. Seriously, probably some of the best food I’ve ever had. It was hard to come back home and cook for myself after that. So much to live up to!

Later that night, as I was getting ready for bed, I decided to jump in the shower because I was all gross from travelling, sand everywhere, and the salty air. Well, where we were staying is simple, and based on nature. The resort uses all organic and natural soaps and shampoos, and there were no outlets in our room. There were three lights total, though. One in the bathroom, one in the main bedroom, and one small light by the bed. Needless to say, there wasn’t much light in the shower area (there was hot water though, yay!). Once I got in and shut the curtain, I notices a large black circular “thing” about the size of a half dollar coin on the inside of the curtain. First, I thought it might be a moth, then I decided it was a spider, so I jumped out faster than you could think the word ‘spider’, and hollered at Peter to come see and do something. I’m not sure what I expected him to do…but SOMETHING!

He comes in with a flashlight and checks it out and says, “It’s a moth.” I tell him absolutely that is NOT a moth! So he looks again, closer……and he says, “It’s not a moth. It’s a scorpion.” !!! Omg, omg, omg. AND he tells me he can see a TON of tiny baby scorpions on it’s back, so he can’t swat it away, or else all the baby scorpions will scatter about our bathroom! Eeeeekk! Gives me chills just thinking about it again. Peter then runs off to tell someone at the main dining area about the “previous tenant”, while I stay there with the flashlight and keep an eye on him (or maybe her, if it’s carrying babies..) He  returns with a can of scorpion killer spray, but by then she has crawled down under our cabin via the hole where the live tree is growing in our bathroom. Let’s just say that when I woke up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, it was definitely an ordeal. Peter was woken up to assist in scorpion watch and about 5 minutes of searching all areas near the toilet for ANY creepy crawlies.

Getting to sleep was interesting. The waves were crashing right outside our cabin, which was very relaxing, but I am the type of person that likes to sleep in silence and darkness, so this became a little bit of a problem for me. I had barely slept the night before due to us having to catch the early bus, and now all I wanted to do was stay awake to listen to the waves and stare out at the ocean lit up by the moonlight. I couldn’t stop staring. It was so beautiful and I just wanted to soak up the moment for all it was worth. Ahhhhh…. 🙂

The next morning I was up early and Peter was still sleeping, so I decided to poke around and take a few photos!

This is me laying in bed, looking at the view I woke up to through the mosquito netting…so romantic and peaceful!

This was our other roommate I discovered that morning. I was ok with him, though. Spiders eat bugs, and I don’t like bugs biting me! Plus, he was way up in the rafters, and stayed in his web the whole time!

The view from standing on our porch in the morning.

Cool lizard outside our cabin.

Ok now, these crabs were so cool. I thought they were beetles at first, because you couldn’t see them until you saw them move to dart into their “hole” home. When I finally realized what they were, I noticed they have this one GIANT claw, but the others are all small. How funny. I wonder why?

***Sidenote*** All of the amazing, up-close critter shots are thanks to Peter’s parents letting us borrow their super awesome camera lens that is WAY better than ours. We have been wanting to get a nicer one, but they are SO expensive! So, thank you guys a bunch!!

Around 8, Peter, Emily and I all went to breakfast (Josh was enjoying a good sleep in with the sound of the waves) and talked with Vincent about what excursions to do over that day and the next. We decided to go snorkeling and dolphin watching that afternoon, then come back to the resort for lunch, then go out again for more snorkeling and another island that’s a national park! The second day, we planned on going to Red Frog Beach and just hanging out on the beach swimming and laying out. It was a long and wonderful day, and lunch was amazing (of course) so below are some pictures of all of the first day!

Snorkeling first! Glad we did it first because we were by ourselves, whereas later, two or three more boats of people were in the same spot.

Next, on our way to the dolphin cove area to see if we can be lucky enough to see some dolphins!

View along the way.

Well, we didn’t see any dolphins… and were pretty bummed about it. Until…………………………………………..

We saw jellyfish!

A bunch of jellyfish!! There were SO many! I had never seen one “in the wild” before, so I thought it was pretty awesome.

After our failed dolphin watch/successful jellyfish watch, we headed back to the hotel for some food and drinks! Oh, and I think maybe a nap for some us 😉

View from the ocean of the two Natural Houses that we rented out. Ours is on the right, and Josh and Emily’s is on the left.

Closer view of the houses. They look so tucked away in the woods from here.

After our mid-day rest, we packed up some beverages and headed out again for the Zapatillas Cays, which is part of Bastimentos Island National Marine Park. They are two islands with secluded beaches and we heard it is where the UK’s Survivor: Panama was filmed!

Zapatillas Cays Island 1

Cute islands off shore.

Sweet couple!

Cheesy pose! We love it!

Enjoying my beer in the beach. 🙂

Peter’s mad photography skills are shown in these pelican pics!

He’s so good. I’m so proud of him!

They would cruise sooo low and close to the water’s surface. Must be lookin’ hard for those fish!

One of my favorite pictures of Peter and I!! Thanks, Emily!

The view, walking back to the boat.

Many different shades of blue.

We headed back to the resort after this and showered and got ready for dinner. That night we were celebrating Vincent’s wife’s birthday!  There was champagne and a four course meal that was incredible. Eggrolls, grilled Mahi Mahi with mashed potatoes and veggies….man, my mouth is literally watering just thinking about it! The people we ate with were from Spain, Mexico, and Switzerland, and all spoke at least English and Spanish. We continued that night with more wine and more cards. I had so much fun getting to know Josh and Emily more, and really get unplugged from the world. I think this was the night I got a little too into Apples to Apples, though. Whoops! 🙂

This post is actually taking a bit longer than I thought, so I’m going to go ahead and make this a Three-parter! Stay tuned for the third, and FINAL (I promise!!!) segment of our Panama trip. It was just so much fun, it wouldn’t all fit into one post! Or two…lol.

Pura Vida!

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