Dia de Indepencia! Independence Day, y’all!

Ok, so Independence day here was on September 15th, and I’m a little late on the post about it, but here it is!

First, I need to start with Friday because that was probably one of the most fun nights I’ve had here in awhile. School gets out at 3:00, so after school I went over to my friend, Megan’s apartment to paint my toenails. I hate to admit this, but I still had nail polish on from my friend Allison’s wedding (July 7). Yikes! But Megan helped a girl out with some remover, a pretty coral color, and a glass of wine! Her apartment is so cute too. It backs up to a river that you can hear rushing through the open windows if it rains….ahhh. So nice. 

After two glasses of wine, Megan took me home because Peter and I had three other friends )Emily, her husband, Josh, and Clint) coming over for dinner and some drinks, and Megan decided to stick around and hang out for a little bit as well! Once I got home and everyone got to the apartment I changed into my swimsuit for the hot tub by the restaurant at the top of the hill in our complex. We headed up the hill and had a little food, and quite a few drinks (2×1 margaritas, shaken!). I love those margaritas. Not made with a mix, so not too sweet. I have got to find their recipe!

After dinner and drinks it was hot tub time! The six of us hung out there for quite a while.. I had a sangria at that point (yum!). Megan had to leave around 9:30 to pick up her boyfriend from work…boo! Eventually we left the hot tub and headed back down the hill to our apt for, you guessed it, more drinks! The guys headed outside to smoke a cigar and Emily and I stayed inside in an attempt to try and plan our VISA renewal trip to Bocas del Toro, Panama! That went well after a few drinks and seeing as it was now about 1-2am…lol. I think we even made a few phone calls…. poor people at the other end. Before we knew, it was 3:30 in the morning! Everyone finally left around 4:15. Whew! That’s the latest I’ve stayed up in a loooong time!

Unfortunately, my late night resulted in me sleeping in until 10:30 on Saturday, Sept 15 and I didn’t get to get up and head into Santa Ana like I had wanted to. I wanted to go see what goes on while celebrating Independence Day here. Costa Rican flags had been going up weeks before the day (similar to the U.S.) Although I did not get as early of a start as I’d have liked, I still went out (and dragged Peter with me) at around 11:30 and we definitely saw some interesting things!

We head out and while we are walking the 200 yards to the bus stop we notice this man sprawled out on his back with maybe two buttons buttoned on his shirt. Peter thought he may have been dead (that’s my over dramatic, sweetheart!) but I saw him move his arm, so he must have just been passed out. It was hot out there too, so he looked pretty miserable to me. 

Next, we get to the bus stop, and this guy comes up to us with a “Milwaukee’s Best” in his hand and is very sweaty looking. He begins talking to us in Spanish which we don’t understand a word of, seeing that he is clearly intoxicated, and all I get out of his whole talk is “Dios”, which means God. Super. Drunk man telling us about God. Luckily, the bus comes quickly and we hop on. To our dismay, the guy talking to us chugs his beer and gets on too. Thank goodness he didn’t sit by us or try to talk to us anymore.

A side story: This has actually happened to me before. This guy started talking to me (only in Spanish, so you know our convo back and forth was interesting. Who knows what I really said to him?! lol) at my bus stop, got on the same bus I did. Sat next to me on the bus and talked to me the whole time, got off the bus at the same stop I did, and followed me to the market while I got all of my fruits and veggies. It made me really nervous toward the end. I wasn’t sure how to get rid of him. Luckily, Megan lived within walking distance from the market at the time and I walked over there (yes, he followed me there too). Ok, end of side note.

So, we make it to downtown and it looks like we have missed anything good that may have happened earlier that morning. There were a few young people in band uniforms, so I thought there may have been a parade in either Santa Ana or San Jose. We just walked through town a little, by the church, and noticed there were TONS of people just hanging out around town. I should also mention that there is no law against open containers, so everyone walks around with beers in their hands! lol. Weird to get use to seeing. After walking through town we just went to the nearest bus stop and got back on to head home. 

Once we got to our stop to get off, we exit, stop at the corner store for some necessities (eggs, milk, etc.). After that, we head up the hill to our apt. and we notice that this man, woman, and child (I’m assuming a family) have stopped near where the passed out guy was laying from earlier. The guy is trying to lift the drunk man to help him get back on his feet and get him to where he was going. The drunk man just looked like dead weight. The guy gives up and lays the drunk man back on the ground. Then walks over to this ledge where this huge tree is growing and pulls out a shoe and throws it next to the guy on the ground and the three of them walk off. By the time we get to where the passed out guy is, he is sort of moaning/singing aloud and rolling around. I felt bad for him because by now it is around 12:30-1:00 pm and HOT outside. Overall though, it was a very interesting day! 

Here are a couple of pics we took that day. We wanted to take a pic of that passed out guy SOOOO BAD! But, we didn’t. We thought it might look kind of weird to others if we did.



This is our apartment!


Me in front of the CR flag.


This is the Iglesia de Rio Oro near our apt. Every day on the bus on my way to school when we pass this, there are at least a few people who do the Catholic thing where they cross their chest (specticles, testicles, watch, wallet is what my mom use to call it…I know, inappropriate).Image


The road called Rio Oro! Take this everyday to go to and from school, or the market, or Santa Ana Centro!


Peter, being funny.


The rock wall on the right is where the drunk guy was laying!! Where that red car is at the end of the street is near where our bus stop is.

On Friday we are headed to Bocus del Toro, Panama with Josh and Emily. I can’t wait! It’s going to be so much fun! No wifi, so I’ll be back Monday with a post soon to follow!

Pura Vida people! Thanks for reading.

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2 thoughts on “Dia de Indepencia! Independence Day, y’all!

  1. Kass

    Totally following your blog!!! Love you!

    Ummm…I wanna move out of America!

    • ticavida

      I love you too and glad you got to read the blog! I hear ya on the “move out of America” thing. The political debates right now are crazy. It’s kind of nice to get away from it all for a long while. It’s just a bonus that I ended up in a “pais de paz” (country of peace). Costa Ricans are so proud that they have no military. So different from the U.S. Miss you and see you come Christmas, maybe!

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