~CrAzY wEeK~

This post is titled Crazy Week for two reasons. One: we had “crazy sock day” today for my class. Second: because some crazy stuff happened this week! I have a few pictures I took yesterday and today, and then I’ll just have to tell you about the other craziness.

First, I taught Second Grade yesterday for maybe the third time this whole semester.  They are crazier than my fourth graders, and I don’t have a clue what they are working on EVER! Lucky me, it was Eduardo’s birthday, so his parents and abuela came in to class not long after it started and gave everyone chocolate cake with strawberries, an edible cookie tube thingy covered in chocolate, orange soda, a puffy-looking hard thing that was basically just sugar, and a goody bag filled with toys and candy! Whew. Can anyone say ‘sugar rush’!?

Here’s a photo of the second graders playing with their new toys. Eduardo (birthday boy) is the one on the far right with the bright blue glasses!

The next pics are ones of the puffy-looking sugar things. They are hard and light, and melt in your mouth like cotton candy.

So, that was all yesterday. Today, I declared it “crazy sock day” for my Fourth Grade class. Here is a photo of all their crazy socks! One of them even drew a face onto their normal socks! I don’t think their parents are going to like that. Although, I’m sure that’s not the worst thing they’ve seen him come home with..

Wow, and I actually JUST noticed this very instant that another student drew a face on her socks too! Oops! Lo siento, padres :0)

Next, I just decided to take a class photo today. I want to be in one of these, but the other teachers are all in class teaching, and when we have breaks the kids flee to all corners of the school and playground as quickly as possible. I promise I will get one up soon though. Before school is out!

Top row, left to right: Susana, Giovanna, Sebastian, Jimena, Isabella

Bottom row, left to right: Greg, Pui Yan, Ro Ying, Oria

These are all of my fourth graders!

Why is it that boys think they don’t have to smile? I swear, the one at the top center is the class clown every other moment of the day, but put a camera in front of him and he’s Serious Stanley!

The other fun thing we did today was make a paper chain to count down to the last day of school (June 15)!

Below are our strips before we made them into a chain. All the colors look so pretty!

That is all of my pictures I have. I did take some of kindergarten (because they are so cute!), but I’m going to post those another time. Maybe this weekend.

The last crazy thing that actually happened was on the way home on Friday. My friend here, Megan, just bought a car with her boyfriend and he lets her have it during the day to take to school. I live near her, so she gives me a ride to and from school if our schedule works out. This other teacher at our school, Jeff, also lives near us, so he got a ride home Friday too. On the way home we pass through this part of town that is a little “rough”, called Pozos. There is this French school there (well, we think it is a French school, because it says it is on the front, but it is written in Spanish, and all the kids look like they are from CR..) and it must have just let out not long before we were passing through. As we are waiting in school traffic, Jeff and I both notice at the same time these two boys taking swings at each other in a corner just outside the gates of the school! The two boys had to be in maybe 5th grade, about eleven years old (so hard to tell how old boys are since they mature later! lol) Megan pulls over and Jeff, whose super tall and has no hair, jumps out to go break it up. He said that one kid had a bloody nose and his sister immediately smacked him on the side of the head once the fight had broken up! She was lecturing him the whole way home after that too, I bet.

Oh, one funny story form last week, is having fun with English as a second language. I have this one student who always seems to stay in the bathroom a little bit too long after we have a break or in between classes. All of my students had come in from recess except for one of my two boys in the class. I ask the student’s “Where is Sebastian?” and they tell me that they think he is in the bathroom. So, thinking that I am just about to totally catch him goofing off in there, I head down the hallway toward the bathroom. There are no doors to the bathrooms, so I stand outside the doorway and holler in for him. He responds, and I tell him to hurry up. He then replies with: “I am number two!”   I was laughing so hard to myself for so many reasons. I just said ok, and walked back to class. So there it is. Don’t ask unless you are prepared for the answer!

Anyway, random fun times this week. I have a feeling that the closer to the end of the school year, the more “fun” will be had by all!

Stay tuned over the next few days for more school-time updates!

Thanks for reading!

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