What a “day off” means for us…exploring!

This past week was great. We had class Monday, and then we had Tuesday off because it was Labor Day here in CR. THEN, we had a short day on Friday because every first Friday of the month is a teachers meeting, and Ms. Kim let’s the kids go at around 1:30. She even let some of the kids swim in the pool on Thursday and Friday! They had a blast, but a few of them had blue lips…I think it may have been cold.

Since we had Tuesday off, I took the opportunity to ride into Santa Ana Centro and take a few pics of the town and the beautiful, old church that makes up the center of the city. I was even so lucky to have Peter take the day off and walk around with me!

We left the house around 11:30 and headed to eat lunch at this hole-in-the-wall place called Cevichera Israel. My friend, Megan, recommended it the weekend before and I had actually tried it already. When I tried it the first time I brought some of my ceviche back for Peter to try, and he thought it was great! So, here we were on our first stop of the day, Cevichera Israel.

The white sign in front (held down by a rock) says that you can get a Sea Bass plate and a fruit drink for $5!!! That’s what Peter ended up getting, and boy, was he in heaven. I had a bite and I have to agree, it was awesome! I think we have an official local place we like to eat! And, it is literally a hole in the wall! There are only three more seats that look like those you see once you go in. Tiny but delicious! Megan told me that the guy that owns it sold ceviche out of the back of his truck before getting this place! lol. This country must really be the land of opportunity.

After lunch, we headed toward the church, just a couple of blocks away. These are our pics from along the way!

I always think of a woman sumo wrestler holding a baby when I see this statue. It’s kinda weird to have these up. I wonder why they chose this statue?

Next stop, the church! We actually ran into another teacher who works at the school with me right before getting to the church. Small world!

The picture above was looking inside the church. I really wanted to get the floors. They were so beautiful.

Peter led the way around the left side of the church. His shirt matched the flowers! Had to get a pic 🙂

There is a man in the pic above that rode his bike into the church! I tried to catch him while he was in the doorway, but I was too slow..

I love this next photo. I liked that you can see a pair of hands that look as though they are making some sort of sacrifice, although they are behind bars with a lock, and the bars are shaped like hearts. What do you think when you see this pic?

We finished at the church, next stop, Mas x Menos! (it’s actually Wal-Mart. Guess they gave it a spanish name so that the locals would feel more comfortable) We took more pics while we walked. The pic below is just one of the main streets in Santa Ana Centro.

This little kitty was there to welcome you into the shoe store!

We also passed by the local fire station on the way!

With a mural out front:

Last stop, Mas x Menos. I should have taken a pic of this place. Maybe I will next time I go. Peter made me take a picture of the cheese because they put the security tags (like they have on clothes at stores like A&F) on the cheese! You know cheese is too expensive when they have to put security tags like these on EVERY BAG!

That was the end of our walk. We caught a bus back home after that and happened to just miss the afternoon rain! Go us!

Thank you for taking the mini-tour. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to go out and walk around again soon. There are these beautiful bushes that blossom bright purple flowers. Must get photos of those before they are gone!

Also, from now on I want to get better at taking candid pictures of people around town, but I get so nervous. I don’t want them to get mad at me if they see I’m taking their picture. We also have a pretty nice camera that I would love to not have stolen, so I am always weary of where I take it out, and who’s around when I do. I felt better with Peter, though. Most guys don’t bother me to much when he’s around.  🙂 Any advice is welcome on that subject, though.

Any advice on how to make my blog better is also always welcome! Is there something in particular you’d like me to write about or comment on? Let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

Thank you for reading, and have a happy Sunday!


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