Weekend of Festivals


This weekend didn’t involve anything too crazy. Or, I guess I should say, it didn’t involve anything that is unique to CR. So, there was this Onion Festival (Feria de la Cebolla) that was going on in central Santa Ana (F.Y.I – Santa Ana is pronounced Santana here, like the band! And a second F.Y.I. – Santa Ana is apparently really famous for growing onions! I believe it too because every onion we have bought from the feria on Sundays has juice dripping out of it, and my eyes don‘t water!). Ok, enough F.Y.I.’s…on to the good stuff!

I wanted to go check out this Onion Festival after we went to dinner Thursday night with one of Peter’s poker friends in Escazu. On the way home from dinner the streets where the Sunday feria normally is were lit up with white Christmas lights in the shape of different designs, and there were people still out and about walking around! It looked awesome, so I decided that on Friday at school, I was going to ask Megan if she wanted to go walk around the central part of town with me and check it out. She lives in Santa Ana Centro anyway, so it wouldn’t be too much trouble for her. Also, she is just super fun to hang out with! Anyway, on Friday I asked Megan if she wanted to go to the Onion Festival in Santa Ana and she replied that her boyfriend, Jorge, mentioned a festival going on in La Sabana which is this huge park on the western edge of San Jose. (some pics are posted below) So I decided to go out there with her Friday night and told myself I would just go to the Onion Festival on Saturday or Sunday.

After school Friday we both went home and relaxed for a bit, then around 6:15 I met Megan at her bus stop (it’s on the way to the pista–highway). Together, we hopped on the already crowded bus, which only grew more crowded as we continued on toward San Jose. Once we got to our stop, we followed a path that led to a concrete and graffiti-ed skywalk that crossed over the highway.

[ Sidenote: San Jose gets COLD at night! If you ever visit CR and stay in San Jose, bring a jacket!! ]

After crossing the highway, we crossed through the park where there is this really big running track, with a roller rink track inside of it, with a mini outdoor skate park located inside of that! 


We met up with Jorge here and after that the three of us walked all around! We looked in many of the tents, and there were arts and craft for sale. Everything from wooden furniture, to jewelry, to organic chocolate, to candles! Then we looked around this area that had tents from all over Central and South America. Honduras, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and many more. The main foreign tent was Coreo (Korea)! They were already closed down by 8, or whenever we were there.

The last awesome thing that we did that night was stick around for a concert! This band was playing that is kind of popular here, called Calle Trece (13 street). When they went on stage at 9 everyone there went nuts! It was an outdoor concert and there were even a couple of people who climbed the trees so that they could see!. People all around us were singing along and knew all the words. Even Jorge!

Hope this link works:


Here is a pic of the Concert stage in the day:


and another pic of the stage. People were filled in all the way to where this pic was taken! SO PACKED!


We did that for awhile, or at least until we were tired of laughing at all of the wasted people (one guy was carrying around a box of wine like it was a juice box). Also, I probably managed to get some sort of unwarranted contact high from all of the people smoking pot freely. Yes, the police were only a few yards away. Oh! And, I saw a man there with dreadlocks that reached passed the back of his knees…yeah, no words for that…lol.

After the concert I was SOOOO tired. Probably because I am officially on “adult time,” which means it was only 10 or 10:30. We got a ride home with Jorge’s friend who had a booth in one of the tents.

All in all, it was such a good night that I went home, told Peter we should go tomorrow, and passed OUT!

Peter and I did go back on Saturday (St. Patrick’s Day! And I did not wear green..). We walked around and got some food (see below).


I opted for ice cream 🙂


And this is a pic of the “food court,” lol.


Peter was feeling pretty homesick that day, so it helped that that evening we got to Skype with his family, John, Jeffrey, and Catie! Not all days here are easy. Sometimes we miss the little comforts that come with living in the U.S. (Like having a car, or getting to see friends and family more, or even just going out to eat!) We are still super happy here, and there are a lot of habits we hope to bring back with us to the states that we learned here!! But, I’m saving that for another post, another day 🙂

Below are other pics I took when I went back with Peter!

Like, men on stilts!


This next one is one of my favorites…


And some fake men on stilts…



This is the actual bark of the trees in this park!


My Petar!


Had to take a picture of the people in line at the Vegan Comida booth! lol I know, so cliche. 


Cute kids playing in a cart!





Sun setting:


Some of the stands we passed by:


And finally, the last picture I’m posting is in the middle of La Sabana Parque and I was told by a local that this building and the park (only grass..) use to be the airport a long time ago. Like, 40 years… All I could think of was, “That’s not THAT long ago.” lol. Very cool though and very cool building. Peter took this photo and did a fantastic job!


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One thought on “Weekend of Festivals

  1. veronica

    Looks like so much fun!! I hope there is a festival when we come visit, and I hope they have that ice cream! I hope the homesick feelings start to go away soon for you both! Everyone at home I’m sure would love to trade places with you if they could :0)

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